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  Quality and Security Policy

 At Stiven Business Solutions, we understand the need of providing high quality services to our clients and therefore we have incorporated highly effective quality practices which are followed by most Multi-National Organizations in order to provide our clients with high-class services at an affordable cost.

Internal Quality Assurance

  We follow a systematic Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) process during the execution of  each assignment. The common practises followed under this process are,

  • For Internet research assignments we only record information available on reliable sites. The source of each record made is noted down and can be produced to our clients for verification, since we understand that providing correct data is utmost important.
  • Each deliverable is double checked by the quality coordinator of a different team. This process has proved to be very effective and has helped us reduce errors in our delivery by 87%.

   We employ only the Best

 Each candidate employed in our organization undergo a systematic 3 stage interview process, where the candidate is checked for his aptitude, technical and communication ability.


Our Commitment to Security

  At Stiven Business Solutions, we deal with critical client data on an every day basis and it is our ethical commitment to ensure that this data remains confidential with us. To ensure this data confidentiality and security we have enabled security practises in our organization which is applicable to all the employees of our organization.

 The Security practises followed in our organization are,

    No employee is allowed to carry any kind of an electronic media (flash drives, pen drives, cd’s) which may be used to copy information from our systems.
    • Any uploads on the network are marked and monitored by our administration personnel. All the websites which offer storage space online are banned on our network. This is in an effort to prevent any data theft and to ensure complete data security.
    • Periodic back-ups are taken at the end of each week to protect any data being lost due to an unexpected system crash or a virus attack.
    • Installation of Security Firewalls on each of the systems and monitored by our System Administrators.
    • We have disabled all the USB and CD/DVD drives on all systems in our network, this is to prevent any data theft from our office premises.
    • In addition to this, we are also open to signing an NDA with our clients. This is in an effort to showcase our commitment that we value your data.
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